Why Should You Book That Flight to France

Joie de vivre or joy of living can express joy of conversing, joy of good food, or joy of traveling. This French phrase is commonly used by the English to convey a carefree enjoyment of living, perfectly encompassing all that is France. This amazing country has a plethora of cultural and enriching experiences; it is no wonder why it is one of the most visited countries in the world.

We have condensed all of what makes this beautiful country what it is and why we love it. We got to know about the country, its ups, and downs, what makes it tick, all the reasons why some people call themselves Francophiles. It is not surprising at all as there is so much to love about this wonderful country.

We have listed a few of the mistakes to avoid when going to France as a first-timer, things that you should know about to prevent you from getting snubbed by the French. Or simply avoid being in an awkward or embarrassing situation. Some people think that the French are rude, but it may just be cultural differences, but one thing is certain, the French are a friendly and proud people.

The French have the most colorful and exciting festivals, and we have gathered a few of them here, all you need to do is decide which ones you want to get into. A festival is a sure-fire way to immerse in the culture and have food, music, and fun to add more to your French adventure.

France is also internationally known for its art, and the country is brimmed to the fullest with galleries and museums. Famous people have lived and perfected their craft in this nation blessed with amazing talents in the arts, architecture, and literature. Their magnificent monuments and historic sites are a true testament to what France has contributed to world culture.

The country’s enviable natural beauty is a must-see for all tourists wanting to see the side of France that is touched not by man, but by Mother Nature. France has a very diverse landscape, from breathtaking mountains to white sand beaches, all this you can witness via a train journey. More exciting than just a bus or car ride.

When you think of France, you think of the Eiffel Tower, but there is more to this amazing country than just a tower. We have included places to see that are not the star attractions of the country, but some of the more off-the-beaten-path destinations. From skiing to remembering fallen soldiers, there is so much to do, so much to see, and so much to experience.

Good wine, delicious food, breathtaking sceneries, wonderful sights, and great art, all this in one glorious country. You can find a thousand reasons to visit France, and even a thousand more reasons to fall in love with it. The French may be known to be aloof, but once you get to know them, they may become one of the major reasons you will keep coming back.


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